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Thin Ice is so grateful for the generous donations received from the following groups and businesses in the community. Please support them with your business! Click on the links below to visit their websites.

Thin Ice owes so much of its success to individual donors like those listed below. You can join them by clicking the donate button above on the right!

  • Julie Bernstein
  • Kevin & Carol Biolsi
  • Louis and Margaret Biolsi
  • Julie Brame
  • Lynn Clafford
  • Alice Curry
  • Mary Jane Dawson
  • The Dieden Family
  • Laurie Field
  • Laura Berger Gallagher
  • Samantha Gee
  • Annette Giarranto
  • Hannah Guter
  • Ruth Haas
  • Eileen Hand
  • Alice Kempf
  • Yolande Knight
  • Elise Kloster
  • Laura McDaniel
  • Pia Mueller
  • Charles & Barbara Napravnik
  • Craig Napravnik
  • Judy O'Connell
  • The Packman Family
  • The Paisley Family
  • James Paisley
  • Reenie Ruck
  • Jennifer Sampson & John Roberts
  • Paula Simoncini
  • Brian and Pam Sutherland
  • Janet Trzaska
  • Micah Wren
  • The Yenter-Briars Family